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Slot Summary Table 

The slots table appears at the bottom of the Program Information Profile page.
Refilling Slots

The Refilled Slots field displays a 1 if all FT slots have been filled at least once and an FT member or members has exited with less than 15% of his or her hours completed. Refill slots don't appear until all awarded slots have been filled for a given program and grant year. If these conditions do not exist for this program, an n/a is displayed instead.

Filled slots include:

slots occupied by members who exited with greater than 15% of hours served (shows as an Awarded slot that is filled)

slots occupied by active (or suspended) members (shows as an Awarded slot that is filled)

slots that have been vacated by a member with less than 15% of their hours, and then vacated a second time (shows as a Refilled slot)

refilled slots (shows as a Refilled slot)

The refill policy applies jointly (i.e., not separately) to stipended and Ed Award Only within each slot type. For example, if you were granted 10 PT stipended slots and 10 PT Ed Award Only slots, and you filled all 10 of the stipended slots but only 7 of the EAO ones, no PT stipended slots will not be available for refill, even though all PT stipended slots are filled. That slot would become available for refill, however, once EAO PT slots are at 100% enrollment.

When a type II third term member is exited, the slot that member occupied becomes available and retains its type.
FTE Calculations

Full Time Equivalents (or FTEs) are calculated as follows:


Components often need to render dynamic children in specific locations in their component tree, allowing a developer to supply child content when using our component, with our component placing that child component in the proper location.

To do this, you can use the Slot tag inside of your my-component.

// my-component.tsx

render() {
return (

A Component


Then, if a user passes child components when creating our component my-component, then my-component will place that component inside of the second


Child Element


Slots can also have names to allow for specifying slot output location:

// my-component.tsx

return [

Here is my main content




I'll be placed before the h1

I'll be placed after the h1





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